mercredi 13 juillet 2011

//Georganne Deen// The corncob cotillion went thataway//

Georganne Deen / The corncob cotillion went thataway

Offset quadri sur papier curious metalic / 32p. /21x15cm / 1000ex

Despite an impressive list of solo exhibitions around the world and having her work included in many noteworthy private collections, Georganne Deen remains one of the most underrated and under-the-radar painters in contemporary art. Her work begs comparison with that of painter, cartoonist, and fellow Texas native Gary Panter: They are both pioneers who excel at destroying the boundaries between painting, illustration, comics, and music. Deen’s work teeters between high and low, using striking imagery and ornamental decoration to create trippy storybook visions with a feminine twist. Her music, which streams on her website Western Witch, is haunting and humble, sometimes soothing, and highly effective in its dreamy storytelling.”

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